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Lokshin Vyacheslav Notanovich - MD, professor, corresponding member of NAS of the RoK, member of the RAMT, President of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, President of the Kazakhstan Association of Reproductive Medicine, Director General of PERSONA International Clinical Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Localization (also known as «l10n») deals with industry- or market-specific text adaptation.

Translation is only one of several components of the localization process.

In the medical industry, localization process may, apart from translation, also involve:

– Medical terminology adaptation,

– Use of proper local formats for dates, addresses and phone numbers,

– Dealing with local regulations and legal requirements.

The purpose of localization is to impart target market-specific appearance to the product regardless of language, culture or location thereof.


In this case, we offer a new service of «medical and pharmaceutical texts localization», meaning that any text translated by our professional translators will be processed by our industry expert for medical terminology adaptation.

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