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Our editors check your document in detail to ensure that all aspects of the document are accurate.

EDITING includes:

The result is:

  • – the document is clear and well-written;
  • – consistency of style;
  • – accurate version of the original text.


  • – careful examination of the translated text;
  • – careful examination of the translated text;
  • – correction of topographical errors.

Our team of linguists includes professional editors capable of handling any kind of documents.

You can learn more about the rates below. The rates are indicated for 1800 characters with spaces (which is about 1 typed page).

We offer the best quality at the most competitive prices!

DTP (Desktop Publishing) is the page formation process by arranging text and graphic elements. The principal objective of DTP is identifying the logical text structure, ensuring the ease of reading and required page proportions, as well as matching the page size height and width.


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