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Localization is required for medical equipment documentation, pharmaceutical and general medical documentation; it is also required for websites, popular-scientific literature, marketing and advertising texts, and any other materials subject to accessibility and usability level increase for target users. However, the consumer shall not feel that all materials have been translated from one language to another; also shall perceive them as if they have been originally presented in native language.

Localization helps to make the material understandable for people from that country which it is intended for.


Specialists of the company MEDTRANSLATE provide for the following steps in localization of medical and pharmaceutical texts:

– support of the language and national standards of a foreign state;

– compliance with goods, mass media, publication of personal data and other laws of the target country;

– interface adaptation to writing of other country, taking into consideration any language rules and dialects.

The following specialists deal with localization in our company:

– highly professional translators and editors, including physicians with a broad experience in medical materials translation;

– specialists responsible for terminology;

– linguists – native speakers.

MedTranslate provides correctly implemented localization of medical materials that helps to increase the efficiency of the promoted product, ensures high consumer appeals and meet expectations of the target consumer.


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